Because it’s Affordable, Healthy & Comfortable

Comparison will tell you why Tupik is Unique

Air conditioner

  • Up to 3000 Electricity bill per month
  • Needs up to 2.4 Kw of power
  • Wasting up to 80% Energy to cool down room walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, clothes & appliances
  • Healthy Air ventilation compromise in closed room that May cause Headache, Allergies, Lethargy, illness
  • Playing lead role in Global Warming
  • Requires trained technician to Install
  • Needs 15 Ampere separate power line
  • Can not run on 1KVA Inverter


  • As low as 500 Electricity bill per month
  • Needs 0.4 Kw of power only
  • Cooling down only specified space and you
  • Breathable tent & Open windows provides Natural Air Ventilation
  • Less warm air, Less R134a Refrigerant
  • Self Installation in just 10 Minutes
  • Any 5 Ampere is sufficient to power
  • Runs on 1KVA Inverter

Air cooler

  • Needs Water & electricity to Run
  • Stale water gives foul smell
  • Create more humid atmosphere
  • Breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • May Cause asthma & respiratory problems
  • Noisy operations, throwing waters out,
  • Cooling temp. depends on environment temp.
  • Electric shock as leakage current in water
  • Storage issue after summer season


  • Requires Electricity Only
  • No Foul Smell, Breathe Pure
  • Gives Comfortable Atmosphere
  • No chance for mosquitoes breeding
  • Gives natural Air ventilation for good health
  • Silent operation, breezy Air outlet
  • Settable Temp. Display
  • No mixed up of water and electricity
  • Foldable, movable, easy to carry with


  • Could cause Fire accident
  • Could cause accidental burns
  • Uneven heat dissipation
  • Room Overheating
  • Burns room Oxygen
  • Air ventilation compromise due to closed doors & Windows
  • Depletes the moisture content in the air


  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Could not cause such accidents
  • Similar heat dissipation
  • Settable Temp. Display
  • Do not burns Oxygen
  • Gives natural Air ventilation for good health
  • Gives Comfortable Atmosphere

Mosquito repellent

  • Using chemicals compositions
  • Caution : Keep children out of reach


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Child safe
  • Tupik Tent restricts mosquitoes to let come inside