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Tupik is built by 2 young Indian Entrepreneurs in Gujarat, the state that popular for it's business minded people. Our Facilities are located in Ahmadabad. We handle Research and Development, Distribution, Commercial and Administration out of it. Tupik works to develop innovative products that makes life beautiful, convenient yet Economic.
"Our Mission is to bring Economic comfort to Life"



We believe that Each Ingenious Indian have creativity that could bring Innovation to Life. Creativity needs both Inspiration and Platform and that's why we decided to build Tupik. We started journey of creation from inside out with our first product "Tupik personal Bed Air Conditioner"




After reside in the UAE, founder came back to the India and installed 1.5Ton Inverter AC in his bedroom. Now he was expecting an economic Electricity bill but the fact was different! He got bill beyond expectation.
He met bunch of users, experts, sellers, manufacturers and unknown people. He came to know about AC's high energy consumption, poor air ventilation and environmental side effects. That's how his think machine started over. He searched on energy, heat, thermodynamics, Air conditioning, Ventilation, human physiology, human body behaviour and Insulation. At last he conclude that up to 80% of cooling energy wasted to cool Roof, Floor, walls, furniture, clothes and electronics of Room , very poor ventilation during close AC Room operation and more Warm Air, Energy consumption and some Refrigerants are affecting Environment that plays leading role in Global Warming. He turned up, decided to let fresh air in and not to pay for unnecessary 80% energy. In Add-on he thinks for Winter and mosquitoes too and that's how Tupik comes to the world.

Our team

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