Tupik | Your Personal Bed Air ConditionerTupik | Your Personal Bed Air Conditioner


Smart Way to
Comfort Yourself

It’s not just an Air conditioner.
365 days personal comfort without compromising your privacy is the beauty of what we have engineered. Tupik brings new way of thinking about your comfort, The comfort revolution.


What makes Tupik smart? Here you go.

Save your Money
in Electricity bills

Air Ventilation
Breathable Walls,
Keep Windows open

Comfort 365
Cool Summer, Warm Winter,
No Mosquitoes

Less energy, Less warm air,
R134a refrigerant

Light Weight
13kg Compact,
Movable, Portable

Easy to Install,
Plug it & Go


What makes tupik smart below you can find reasons

Featured In

Tupik made special attraction


for you

This is what the perfect balance of technology and design can serve. Find out why Tupik is unique. Tupik is the ultimate consolidation of Prefab structure, shelter material and host that is beautiful to look & to use. Knowing that you will be spend quality amount of time with your bed, we crafted Tupik to cover it up. The smooth feel of tent walls and solid structure will fall you in love with Tupik.

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